Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Coach $100 Card To Giveaway!!

I always get a lot of promotion cards from Coach since I buy a lot of bags from them. I recently got one and Im not in need of a bag so Im hoping to give it away to someone who lives by a coach store and would use it.

It is $100 off a $300 purchase. I dont mind mailing it to someone if they want it. Let your friends know of this and let me know if you want it!! It expires June 20, 11. :)


Anonymous said...

I was hoping to get one of these cards, but didn't! You're so kind to give yours away. If no one has come forth to ask, I'd be thrilled to have it. I've been in love with their new laser cut bag but it's def out of range $ wise for me w/o a discount. Thanks for your consideration!

Mindy said...

I cant see your page but if you would like to email me your address at mindyrae90@aol.com I would love to send it to you!!