Sunday, May 15, 2011

My 21st Birthday!

So, let me start off by just saying that I hate holidays.. including birthdays. They just never go the way they are supposed to and trying to make the day perfect is IMPOSSIBLE. I cant remember the last holiday that went well.

I had a cake and ice cream party at my house around 4 because my dad didn't want to be out late so I decided to do cake first then go out to eat with all my friends around 6. Well, my dad decided he didn't want to come at the last minute. (My husband and I also found out that our top tier of our wedding cake that was in his deep freezer was thrown away... nice huh. We had 2 more more months until our one year and it gets thrown away on my birthday!!!) So basically, I changed around my plans for someone who didn't even come. Nice. Lets also note that this same person didn't come to my college graduation either.

At my ice cream party all my friends came and even my mom came. Shocking I know. But she didn't stay long or go out to eat because she wanted to watch a freaking baseball game on TV. I'm so glad that my birthday is such an inconvenience to my family that they couldn't commit an hour of their time to me. YAY BIRTHDAYS. .... (note the sarcasm)

Then when we finally got around to going to Logans, the waiter told me he couldn't serve me because my license wasn't horizontal. I was like but today is my 21st birthday and he fed off this long story blah blah... I lost my appetite and just wanted to leave, but of course ... "I couldn't cause a scene" so we stayed and he let me get my daiquiri anyway. But he definitely ruined the moment of ordering my first legal drink... thanks dude. So don't go to Logans Roadhouse on your 21st birthday unless you want to be treated like shit.

Well my cake was awesome as it was made by my husband. But now looking back at the photos, I didn't even get one photo with him. :( I'm thinking this is the last birthday party I will be having in a long time.

I ended up going out with my friend Alyssa to Fat Moe's and The Star! I have a sore throat today from yelling at the bar because the band was sooo loud. I cant wait to go out with my gym buddies because I KNOW THEY WILL SHOW ME A GREAT TIME!!!

"You can't pick your family, but you can totally pick your friends."


Nicole said...

This post makes me sad!! I would have totally joined you =D Happy Belated!

Tamela said...

Hey, I was totally at that birthday party. No mention of me ya know!!!

Anonymous said...

Should have invited me.. I would have definitely made sure that you're birthday was FUN! :)