Friday, May 27, 2011

My Giveaway Worked!!!

I am just so ecstatic that someone contacted me about getting my $100 Coach Gift Card. Someone all the way from New York googled the gift card and I popped up! I was so happy to hear from her, she is a teacher and is getting married this July. I know how money is tight when a wedding is in the near future.

I was just so glad that she is gonna be able to carry a new bag for a lower price!! If I get anything like that in the mail again I'm definitely coming on here to advertise it! Plus, now we know if you want a gift card that you can just google it and maybe someone is giving one away!!!

I am tickled to death that I helped someone get a new bag :) Yay for a good Friday feeling!!!

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Tamela said...

Yay!! Way to help someone out!