Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chip and Dale!

So I want to introduce to everyone my new babies! Chip and Dale :)
We bought them October 4, 2011 and had such a good time with them both. They snuggled together and played together... until yesterday October 11, 2011. Chip bite Dale pretty hard on his back leg and blood was everywhere!! We ended up having to return Chip today (Oct 12) because every time we tried to rejoin them they would fight. :(

I miss Chippy already. Dale seems pretty lonely without Chip but I'm sure he will adjust in a few days. We are glad to have Dale in our family and cant wait to spend the next couple years with him. Hamsters are great little pets, I loved Herbie more than anything! I'm sure the same thing will happen with Dale. He is just a baby (2 months 1 week 1 day old) so I'm sure he will begin to love me ... eventually haha!This is their awesome cage!! Well, now I guess its only Dale's cage...

Here are more pictures of them together :)

Snuggle bunnies :)Poor Dale, this was after Chippy left and he was sleeping all alone!! I know he is sad :( But hopefully I can give him enough love (I'm sure I can) so he wont feel lonely :)

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