Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Life in the Fast Lane

Yesterday was a pretty hectic day for me and I just happened to think of this right before spin class started. What am I doing with my life? What am I supposed to be doing? Am I doing everything the way my life is supposed to be, and how do I know??

My days are filled with school, homework, facebook, the gym, spin classes, yoga classes, body pump classes, pilates classes, sleeping, eating, work..... umm did anyone notice I didn't mention my husband??

I just feel like maybe this isn't what I am supposed to be doing. I love going to school and the gym but none of those activities include my husband. He doesn't like to work out and refuses to try any classes I take because they are "girly" classes. We went for a walk together a couple weeks ago.... and we are supposed to go tonight but who knows what we will actually end up doing because I have to go to pilates.

I know it sounds bad because I keep saying "I HAVE to go" but its really like an addiction (going to the gym I mean or just working out in general). When I don't go I feel yucky about myself but then I feel bad because I'm never home. My life is basically designed right now to not include a husband or any friends and you can imagine what kind of stress that is causing right now. I guess I will just have to try to work it out so we can spend time together more but if he doesn't want to do anything that I want to do then how am I supposed to do that???

So to keep it easy for you single college ladies... don't get married until you're out of school. It will save you a ton of stress, like you don't have enough already with school, work, your activities etc.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

150th Anniversary in Columbus

My dad's hobby and passion is Civil War reenacting. Every year he goes to many events and sometimes travels hours to get to them. I cant attend all the events he goes to, but I try to go to Columbus and Sacramento. This past weekend DJ and I went to Columbus and had a great time! My sister wasn't able to make it this year because she had a test she had to take Monday night. She missed a great show!!
My dad, me and DJ
Some of my dads group, I tried to zoom in on him so I didnt get everyone in the picture.DJ and I :)

DJ was joking with my dad before the battle and told him to really "put on a show" when he died. My dad just kinda laughed it off so we didnt think he was going to do it. WELLLL, let me tell you HE DID and it was AWESOME! He had this traumatic death with convulsions and shakes while he fell to the ground. It was sooo funny!! He "died" by running in the line of fire from the Yankee's. You could imagine him getting hit by 10-15 bullets the way he was jumping and falling to the ground. He lost his hat and his gun on the way down too!! You would have just had to have been there to see it because I cant even describe how funny it was!!This is my dad, Pattie (his new girlfriend), me and DJ

Chip and Dale!

So I want to introduce to everyone my new babies! Chip and Dale :)
We bought them October 4, 2011 and had such a good time with them both. They snuggled together and played together... until yesterday October 11, 2011. Chip bite Dale pretty hard on his back leg and blood was everywhere!! We ended up having to return Chip today (Oct 12) because every time we tried to rejoin them they would fight. :(

I miss Chippy already. Dale seems pretty lonely without Chip but I'm sure he will adjust in a few days. We are glad to have Dale in our family and cant wait to spend the next couple years with him. Hamsters are great little pets, I loved Herbie more than anything! I'm sure the same thing will happen with Dale. He is just a baby (2 months 1 week 1 day old) so I'm sure he will begin to love me ... eventually haha!This is their awesome cage!! Well, now I guess its only Dale's cage...

Here are more pictures of them together :)

Snuggle bunnies :)Poor Dale, this was after Chippy left and he was sleeping all alone!! I know he is sad :( But hopefully I can give him enough love (I'm sure I can) so he wont feel lonely :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Herbie Woodford : 2.17.10 - 9.25.11

Well, its been a while since I have blogged only because I have been super busy with school, my new job, and life in general. But this is something that I would want to be on here for me to look back on.
As many of you all knew I had a wonderful robo hamster named, Herbert Hancock Woodford, for a year and seven months and one week. He died last night after a week long battle with chronic stage pneumonia or "snuffles". I had noticed that he was sick last Sunday and so I watched him carefully that day, and when he didn't improve I called the vet and took him there on Monday (Sept 19th), he was started on a bitter medication called Baytril. He didn't like taking it but I knew he needed to in order to get better. The past week of him having one good day followed by two bad days was tough on me. I basically slowly watched him die the past six days.
But last night all he wanted to do was have me hold him, pet him, kiss him and talk to him. I held him for about an hour until my husband told me I needed to put him back so I agreed and went to put him up. I cut an apple slice to see if he would eat it (he hadnt ate the past three days before his death) and when I went to hand it to him he jumped into the palm of my hand and sat down. He needed his mommy to hold him. He was scared because he knew he was dying, I didnt mind it one bit because I didnt want him to die alone. I went to my bedroom, layed him on my belly with my hands wrapped around him and covered him up. He layed there for hours just looking at me. It was so nice to share that with him before he died. By 2 am, we had to put him back so I could get some sleep. I woke up this morning unsure if I should check on him or not because I knew he didnt make it. I prayed last night that God could take him if he wasnt going to get better soon because he was suffering bad, but let him stay if he would be better. God answered my prayers and took him to heaven. I know he isnt suffering any longer, and I feel in my heart I gave him the best little life he could have had. I hope he feels the same way and loves me back.
He was my best friend, always made me smile, and never turned down an awesome photo shoot. He was EXTREMELY photogenic. He knew so many tricks too. Like he could stand on his toilet paper roll in his cage and keep his balance, he knew how to come to his door and stand up to get a treat, he could spin his wheel from the outside with his front hands instead of actually running in the wheel... and so many more that I just cant seem to express right now. He was so tolerant of me because I always wanted to play with him or kiss him or hold him and he just went ahead and let me. He slept during the day and played at night so everytime I wanted to play with him he would have to wake up. Such a little trooper. He also hated taking baths, but I wasnt going to kiss a smelly hamster so he always knew when he got his bedding changed he had to get a "smelly good bath".
He was one of a kind and will always have a special place for him in my heart. I will always have my memories of him, and I know he is looking down on me right now telling me to stop crying and love the fact that he is ok and no longer suffering.
I love you forever and ever Herbie,
love mommy.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August Already??

I just cannot believe that its already August. Time to go back to school and dedicate lots of time to studying!

To begin the humid month of August I was lucky enough to be put on minocycline. An antibiotic that I will be taking for the next 30-60 days because of a rare skin disease that I have. I have perioral dermatitis and nummular dermatitis. The second one is common in men ages 65-80, now I think I am a 21 year old girl but that is just my luck to have that. Oh and the kicker is, its occurrence is 1:500 people.. Again.. how lucky am I?? Well the antibiotic is kicking my rear, it makes me tired and sluggish feeling. My head feels foggy like I cant concentrate or something... I don't know how to explain it except for its no good. :(

School starts in 12 days. (Am I actually counting down the days til school starts??) I have mixed emotions about it, I'm ready and excited but also dreading the hard work and stress that will come from it. Can we fast forward the next two years please?? I just wanna be a hygienist :( But one thing I am looking forward to is seeing my friends and going back to zumba on Thursday nights :) YAY!

My job also comes to an end in 9 days... this makes me sad to think about. I applied to work at CVS which is right by my house because I go there almost everyday anyway to coupon so I should just get a part time job there!! We will see how that turns out!

On a better note, my husband and I ordered ourselves a fancy new memory foam mattress from the local furniture store. We cant wait to get it, mainly because our mattress we have now is only comfortable if your sleeping alone. You can go here to look at the mattress we got: Sealy Embody Mattress. We also got the memory foam pillows to match the mattress. Hopefully in a few years we will be able to afford the lift that moves the head/foot of the bed also it has a massage setting where you can get the feet portion of the bed to vibrate hence giving you a foot massage! We are saving for that next!!! :)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nail Polish Swap hosted by the Chatty Brunette: Complete :)

So my wonderful partner was Sarah, and her blog is Sarah Ruth Today. I received her package and just had to share with you what I got!! As you can see, she wrote me a cute little note, gave me a pink sparkly nail color, and a french manicure pen set. (Which I cant wait to use!!)

The idea came from my sister Tamela, The Chatty Brunette, who hosted this swap. She had people sign up from all over and then paired girls together. I had never met Sarah before this so I'm thankful that I got to meet such a wonderful person. Sarah and I have been communicating over email, and I'm sure I will learn even more about her by reading her daily blog posts.

Thank you so much Sarah for being such a great partner, I hope you loved the polishes I got you!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cancer = Worst News Ever

Cancer is something no one wants to hear about or even talk about. But when it happens to you or someone close to you, its a subject that HAS to be talked about. One very special lady at my work goes for her mammogram appointments every year religiously. This year didn't return good news. (We reference to her breasts by calling them Sally and Sheila, FYI.) First, Sally's tests came back positive for cancer. She went and got many more tests and scans done to see if the cancer had moved to any other area of her body. Thank God the bone, pelvic, head, chest and abdomen came back negative. But, Shelia the other breast came back positive. In breast cancer "talk" the doctors told her that her cancer is categorized as T2.

Just from information I know from school, this cancer is very quickly dividing and has taken over both breasts which means its a very dangerous cancer. She told me this morning that she will have to go through both chemotherapy and radiation for an undefined amount of time. She will also lose both breasts. Commonly, the result of chemo and radiation is that she might possibly loose all her hair.

At only 52 years young, she has been diagnosed with breast cancer in both her breasts and will lose both of them. This is someone who goes for her exams every year with no problems in the past. She has been so strong through this entire process that just began a few short weeks ago. She is just thinking positive and believes God has her wrapped in his arms. Her youngest daughter was going away to college to be in a very prestigious nursing program but now is staying home. This is not something that is stopping her from obtaining her dreams, she just wants to be with her mom so she is attending a school locally. She may be out of work for days, week or months. Which of course will be a financial burden on the entire family, so I just hope for the best and pray that if she needs help I will be able to help her in any way that I can.

This makes me think of the bad relationship I have with my mom and her entire side of her family. I know that life is too short to hold grudges but you just don't ever think that this would happen to you or anyone you know. You always hear about things happening elsewhere and not around you. I consider her to be part of my family, I have worked with her for a while now and care so much about her well being.

She wants me to mention that women need to go for their mammograms yearly. It is very important to catch these things early on. Just think if she hadn't went this year what her results might be. ( Ok, don't think about that because it probably would have been to devastating, and we are thinking positive..right?) I have never gone for a mammogram but I am making my appointment soon. You are never too young to get these. Your health should be your #1 priority.

Also, if you have long hair consider donating it to an organization. Wigs are very expensive (like $200 and up) and if you get diagnosed with cancer they usually will give you one wig free of charge. But they can only keep providing wigs if they have people donating hair to make them. My sister Tamela, which you can read her daily blog posts at, has donated before and I hope her hair went to make one special lady a beautiful wig. Find more information at these hair donation websites: which has many addresses and rules listed for all over the country or, or

Prayers for Sally, Shelia and the family involved are requested and extremely appreciated.