Friday, October 22, 2010

Total Vent Post!

So this is my all out rage post about everything that is going on in my life!!

1. So I just started my dental assisting externship, and I seriously think I got stuck with the worst office! They barely speak to me and basically just want me in the corner out of the way from everything. I am not supposed to speak to the patients, so how in the world am I supposed to learn how to assist a dentist if they don't even want me speaking to their patients!?! I mentioned this to my teacher and all she could tell me was to not act as confident about what I know I can do, and play dumb. Why on earth would I want to play dumb and be someone that I'm not. That's just not what I had in mind when deciding on a career. I want to work somewhere were they can accept me for who I am and where I wouldn't have to put act for them to like me. I could seriously go on and on about this but for the sake of this being public, I will hold what else I have to say.

2. Someone told me yesterday that my boobs fit my personality. Like WHAT IN THE WORLD DOES THAT MEAN?! I'm glad you don't really see ME as a PERSON, and you only see my boobs! Holy Cow!!

3. I have just been so busy lately with school, work and this stupid externship that I have basically forgot all about myself and my husband! It's like I don't even make time for the simplest things like getting my nails painted, or taking long bubble baths! I have probably only see my husband 2 hours each day, because by the time I get home around 7 or 8 I'm already ready for bed by 9!

This post will most def be continued when Im not so fired up about the stupid externship, the boob comment, and life in general!


Mighty M said...

Sorry about your externship. I really really hope it gets better.

And the comment about the boobs - what the HECK??? Was is a MAN??

Mindy said...

Umm yes most def a man! A much older man than me to clarify! He has a son that is my age!!

Tamela said...

That stinks about your externship. Maybe things will get better. Just be yourself. A woman should never have to dumb her self down. Ever.

HOLY COW. I would have given him the death look. Seriously. That would have make my skin just boil. I would have said something.

Rachie said...

My mom told me to do that, pretend I don't know as much as I do, at a pharmacy I worked at not too long ago. They treated me like an outcast because I was a college/nursing student while everyone else was in their 30's and 40's and being a pharmacy tech was their career. Oy!

I hope it gets better! How long will you be externing there?

Mindy said...

til May... I am hoping I can switch out of there. I cried Thursday and I just hate it :(