Saturday, January 22, 2011

2 for 1 Deal!!!

So I have the BEST deal going on for all you women out there who always tell me that you would love to have my boobs or any boobs for that matter.

Ok, I will give you my boobs AS LONG as you take the muffin top and pay separate shipping and handling for it. (Hints to all the lame commercials that double everything for "free" but always require shipping/handling costs.)
Because only people without muffin tops ask what one is!! (Hint: to Julia my spinning/yoga/pilates instructor.... I asked in pilates one day if we could work our muffin tops and she responded, "Mindy whats a muffin top?") WELL... let me tell ya about them haha!

Flat chested women almost never have any sort of rolls or muffin tops. Well honey if you want boobs you gotta deal with the muffin.
So if you would like to take part in my spectacular 2 for 1 deal just let me know :)
Your dreams could all be coming true TODAY, if you take action now! This is a deal that is going to go quickly and if you wait someone else will be supporting the boobs and muffin. Its my turn to be flat chested with no muffin... BUT I will warn you... there is a NO return policy for at least 5 years, and if you make the muffin bigger than what it is now I will accept it back. I work hard at the gym to keep it to a minimum and so should the new owner. Don't call about this wonderful deal if you don't have the integrity to keep the muffin small. :)
See even the nice drawing of the lady with the muffin has boobs!!


Tamela said...

bahahahahaha you are crazy!!! I love it though!

Crystal Escobar said...

haha, you are hilarious!