Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Men are Pigs!!!!!

So I had to go to this one gas station that I never go to, because I had 2 gas cards for there. And might I note that I am wearing a dress today because its hot outside and its a cute dress. I never wear dresses and this is exactly why:

I pulled up at the gas station and got out my gas cards, loaded one into the machine and preceded to pump the first $10. Meanwhile, a bunch of trucks full of men that were, I'm assuming construction or power line workers, because of their bright green vests they were wearing pulled up. I got stares, howls, whistles, and comments that were very inappropriate.

Well it was just my luck that once the first card went through, it wouldn't accept my second card. So I put the cap back on my gas thing, and left the door open since I have to push a button from the inside to reopen it, and went inside the gas station (but not without this old man telling me, hellooo). I told the lady my problem and it took like 5 minutes for her to figure out why it wasn't working so meanwhile I was holding up the line and turned around politely to tell the people behind me that it was gonna be a while, and the guy responded (not one of the workers from earlier, a completely different man) "Im not in any hurry, its hot outside and I like it in here behind you" UGH. GROSS.

FINALLY, the lady got my card to work and she scanned it for me. I walked out the doors to head toward my car and of course the worker guy was "trying to be helpful" and was like "you left your door open, let me get that for you" I then told him sternly that I needed more gas and that I can take care of everything myself!!! I will never return to that place again!!!

Nope, its not over... I was on my lunch at work so of course I needed to get some food. I went to chick-fil-a because one of my good friends had gotten me a gift card from there for my birthday that I needed to use. I walked in ordered my food, no problem. I sat down started eating when 2 different couples came in and sat at tables behind me. Every time the guy would get up he would stare at me and his girlfriend had to notice!! When I went to take my tray to the trash, I was beginning to think my dress was stuck in my underwear because like 3 people with their gfs or wives sitting with them locked their eyes on me. Seriously guys, your girl is sitting right there with you and you cant pay attention to her because some random girl is wearing a dress.

I am just thankful my husband is too lazy to pump his own gas and mine so I know he isn't offering to pump any other ladies gas!!! HA.

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Tamela said...

Men are like that. I tend to think of it as they never really got out of the Neanderthal Era. Lanny says she refuses to go anywhere with me because we always have some creepy encounter with a man staring at my chest...