Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday!

I think my new Thursday tradition is going to be devoting the day and posts to people that make me feel good or that have played a good role in my life. This post will be a post about more than one person just so I can get everyone acquainted with everyone in my life :)

The first person I would like to talk about is my dad. He is my everything. He has always put others before him and is the best guy in the whole wide world. (besides Herbie of course) He would do anything for my sister and me and wouldnt think twice before doing it. He gives to so many organizations each month and helps anyone in need. He would rather help others that buy things for himself. It takes a special kind of person to put others first and he is a pro at it! He is actually turning 58 this friday! My husband, my sister, Michael(sister's bf) and I are taking him out to eat on Sunday! I hope he likes his presents ;)

Above is my dad and I at my wedding. The 2nd photo is the father/daughter dance. That was the hardest 4 minutes of my life.

The next person I would like to mention is my sister, Tamela. She is 4 years older than me and has recently become my best friend. Although she is older, I have done a lot of things before her. One example is that I am married, she is still "single" but very much so in love with Michael! She is completing her masters at Murray State and she works in the business department as the secretary. She enjoys the simple things in life, and loves staying home and playing with her chiweenie, Echo! He is soo cute! I couldnt imagine my life without my sister, she is my go to gal. She is a great listener, advice giver, role model, and the best sister I could ask for. I only wish for her to have happiness and everything she ever dreamed for. :)
Next on my list would have to be my husband, DJ. He has been my rock ever since we went from "just friends" to "serious relationship." He is always there to calm my fears when I feel like the whole world is crashing down around me. He has very high hopes for our "family" and I just cant wait to get out of school and start our adventure. He works at the local hospital as a X-Ray Technologist and he loves his job. I just hope that one day I will be able to say the same thing. He is a very hard worker, he has never missed a day of work since he started working back when he was 17. I dont think anyone can say that!! (He is now 24, he will be 25 on January 31.)
Becoming Mrs. Woodford was the happiest day of my life!

I still have a few more people that I would like to mention in todays Thoughtful Thursday Post. :)

A wise man that I have had the pleasure of getting to know would have to be, Charlie! He is a handsome, stunning young fellow who has a great attitude on life and loves chit chatting while attending yoga and pilates classes.... ok you caught me actually he my 79 year old friend that is still all the named things above! He enlightens my life everyday with his words of wisdom and advice for me on how to manage school, work, married life and of course being an expert Yogi in Yoga. He recently had cataract surgery on both of his eyes and had to miss about 6 weeks total from the gym. Those six weeks were very empty and not as fun as they usually are when he is up and going. He may not know how much he means to me when he shows his friendly face 3 times a week at the gym but life sure would be different if I had never met him. Unfortunately I dont have a photo of him but I will be taking some in the next few weeks so you guys can start to love him just as much as I do!!

A woman who inspires me everyday to live life to the fullest would have to be my yoga/pilates instructor Julia. She is a great person who always ends her classes with some sort of advice or quote that might pertain to your daily life. (Except spinning, she never ends that one with a calming quote... I wonder why lol) She is always thinking of others, even when you dont expect her to. She recently made my boss at the school feel so wonderful by just sending a little note saying that she was thinking about them. Her acts of kindness are so simple but sooo empowering. She strives to be the best that she can be and should be everyones role model. She is an amazing woman! I do not have a photo of the wonderful Julia either. I promise I will take some!

For my dental girls: You all have helped me survive this semester so far and I thank you all for it. Without you this semester wouldnt have been as fun as it has been. I have come to make 4 new best friends and I couldnt imagine my life without you all. You make class worth going too. I hope we all achieve what we want to achieve and are extremely happy in our careers! If we follow our dreams we can achieve anything!

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Tamela said...

What a sweet post. Trying to make me cry at work??? Love you.