Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sad Day!

I just found out that next semester I will be going to school Monday-Friday from 8-5. There is no way that I can keep my job working in Payroll/Human Resources. I have worked at the school for almost a year now and it makes me soo upset that I will have to quit.

I had a test today and now this... why is this happening to me!?! Now I am gonna have to try to find a job outside of the school environment that wont work me to death while I am in school. I can already see how stressful that is going to be. :(

And FYI I will make the same amount of money as a dental assistant as I do now as a student worker. If that tells you anything! So what makes me so mad is that Im devoting all this time into school and working my butt off studying for WHAT? Trust me $9 bucks an hour will not pay the bills.



Tamela said...

That does stink. :( Why so much school?

Mindy said...

I dont have a freaking clue.. its not worth it tho!