Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Fabulous Weekend :)

I had such a great weekend! Saturday I went out with a few of my girls and had soo much fun! I dont remember the last time that I have had that much fun!

For Sunday we took my dad out to Benton to eat at Lacey's Family Restaurant! He loved his presents but the sun got in the way of all our photos so they didnt turn out as good as we hoped.
I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and feel free to comment and tell me about them! Cant wait to hear about what everyone else did! For now enjoy these photos from my weekend :D


Tamela said...

I just love your outfits. I always look like a plain Jane next to you. Love those black boots too. I really need to get some new stuff. But first I need to throw out the stuff that no longer fits.

Molly said...

cute photos! Looks like you had a blast! : )