Tuesday, November 9, 2010

25 Things About ME :)

1. I hate when the new year rolls around and everyone and their brother wants to join the gym really people your gonna drop out in a few months anyway--so just stay home!
2. I love kitty cats and of course hamsters :)
3. I am in dental assisting school with goals of going into hygiene!
4. Rainy days are for staying home and snuggling in bed! I always say that if I ever become president or mayor or something everyday that it rains everyone gets to stay home and do nothing :D.. I know I would win on that note!
5. I dont have many friends but the ones I have are GREAT!
6. I am recently married, and let me tell you.... married life is WAY different than dating or engaged life!
7. I am a total daddies girl. I dont know what I would do without him!
8. I dont think I ever want to have children. My biggest fear is being a bad mom.
9. I like to be tan, but I hate laying out or going to the tanning bed! (Almost like I like to be skinny but hate working out haha) but somethings gotta give!
10. My goal is to be very successful and love what I do, no matter what it takes!
11. I love when people play with my hair and I love back massages!
12. I have 3 tattoos, and 6 ear piercings. At one time I had 17 piercings... thank goodness I dont anymore!!!
13. I hate cigarettes. People that smoke gross me out! It just smells sooo bad and its so bad for your body!!!
14. The day I got married was the scariest/happiest day of my life. Such a huge decision!!!
15. I have only seen the ocean 2 times. Both with my husband :)
16. I attend yoga and pilates classes as much as I can!!
17. I drive a Nissan Altima that is decked out with Hello Kitty :)
18. I havent seen my natural hair color in years. (except when I need a touch up :P)
19. My day is consumed with school, work, cleaning, playing with Herbie, getting on FB, writing emails, updating this blog, working out, and hanging with the hubby! (Oh and all the other things I always end up doing)
20. I hate folding clothes. I love clean clothes but I wish they would just fold themselves and find their own way to the closets and drawers! (A girl can dream right)
21. I am a very honest person and I strive to be the best wife, sister, daughter, friend, employee I can be.
22. I know American Sign Language and some German.
23. I want to travel the world one day.
24. I take naps like they are going out of style. Actually this weekend I took one everyday!! :) awesome weekend!!
25. I like to be organized but my apartment is messy! I have to clean it every other day it seems like. Lets not even start about my car... looks like a homeless person found it and was sleeping in it for a month!.... I should prob clean that out soon :(

Well now you know 25 random things about me!

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