Monday, March 14, 2011

My Big Whoops!

So we have a local mexican restaurant that we love going to and know all the people that work there. One day after my husband and I had eaten lunch we were at the register and the owner of the restaurant was up there. I showed him my gym membership card to get the 15% off discount and he made a joke about me working out... I then preceeded to tell him that I had seen his wife many times at the gym.. He told me I must have been mistaken and I reassured him that I knew exactly who his wife was.

They have a family picture up by the register and so I was even like... Seeeee here she is, and he said no thats not her. Then I pointed at his actual wife and said, "well this cant be her, thats your mom"...... blank stare coming from the hubby at this point.

"You better be glad that she isnt here.." he said. My stomach fell out of my butt at this point. But then he said that he gets that all the time... made me feel a little better but gosh, thats almost as bad as asking when the baby is due!!!

His "wife" was actually his sons wife. His "mother" was his actual wife. haha

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