Sunday, February 27, 2011

A looong night as a mom... I mean auntie!

So last night we volunteered to let our nephew come spend the night with his auntie and unkie and we had a blast!! He wore us out and trust me we were glad when he went home today but that doesn't mean we didn't have a good ole time!!
This is Kejlab, our nephew.

My husband always talks about wanting a baby and I am just always against that idea saying that we are not ready because they truly are a lot of work! He proved to me that he is not cut out right now to be a dad, he hated getting up when he cried (which was only 1 time for a diaper change at 4 am) then when he woke up for the day at 7:30 I was the only that woke up. I fed him played with him and then had to change the most disgusting diaper ever. I wore some rubber gloves, and STILL got poop on my pants. EWWWwww..... I will never forget that smell. When he did finally wake up after an hour of plaiying with Kejlab, he said "ugghh he wears me out".... and Im thinking... you?? Oh goodness.
I did better than expected though taking care of a baby. I have never really handled them that much just because I have always thought I never wanted to have one. I like to play with other peoples babies (because you just give em back when your done playing or when they get fussy). Babies are very expensive too. Having him over consumed all my time, I got a little bit of laundry done when he napped today but I didn't go to the gym, tanning or do any of my school work while he was here. I completely have sympathy for young moms in school or just trying to accomplish anything with a baby in the house!

Well in order to have a blast we went to Spencers and got us some "accessories" to have to play with him.... this is what we ended up doing :)

He says auntie Minnie, give me back my beard!!! He was such a good sport and the redish looking one actually matches his hair color :)

Hope everyone had an eventful weekend, we sure did!!


Nicole said...

What a stinkin cutie! The one with the lil red beard is too funny! I completely agree though, I feel the same way about my soon to be nephew. So exhausting! Thank goodness for our natural motherly instinct kicking in so we can at least babysit =D

Tamela said...

haha you two are just crazy! I'm glad that you do have your nephew to get some baby practice in. Even though I would like to be a auntie someday, just not right now. Herbie doesn't even like me! So I should work on that one! haha

Mindy said...

Keep dreaming! The only chance you will get to be an auntie is to herbie so you better make him fall in love with you!! hehe...