Thursday, January 6, 2011

Herbie takes the Plunge! (or will be)

So I have been researching how to give hamsters a bath lately. When we bought him (Herbie) they told us that he could only have powder baths with this special powder that they sell and no water could be used for him. Well he hates the powder bath. I basically have to chase him around throwing powder all over the place until it lands on his body... (he is in a box of course) On the box for the powder and all the websites it says that once the hamster is placed in a container with the powder the hamster will immediately frick and frolic in the powder and roll around in it umm... they must have never met Herbert.

It says that you could give a hamster a bath in 1-2 inches of warm water and use a mild baby shampoo. Their faces must never come into contact with the water (that's not gonna possible with my little guy... he is nuts!) Or you could use a baby wipe.

The main reason my poor little guy needs a bath is because I think he has developed a rash on his tummy from when he pees and it gets on his fur. :( His poor little belly is not only yellow from the pee but red from him scratching. Poor little guy!

Anyhoo, I am planning on having my husband video this whole escapade so it can be put on YouTube.... it says that if you don't dry them well or if they get too wet they can die.. and we definitely don't want that.

Wish my luck and I will post videos/pictures soon!!
These are the steps herbie takes to drink water :) note his tongue in the last photo!

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Tamela said...

Good luck!!! Let me know if my nephew pulls through!