Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Resolutions!! :D

I don't even think I made any resolutions last year so this year I thought what the heck! lol... So here we go!!

1. To complete dental assisting and get into the hygiene or nursing program for Fall of 2010.
2. To become a better wife and friend.
3. To not get pregnant. haha.
4. To get a job as an assistant once I graduate the program that will work around my school schedule.
5. To save up money for a down payment on a future home for us!
6. To get closer to the people that matter in my life.
7. To attend yoga and pilates classes every week!
8. Keep my goal of working out 5 days a week.
9. Keep the apartment clean so we don't have to dedicate a whole day to clean. :(
10. To reconnect with my mom, and pray that she doesn't bring me down anymore.
11. To help my dad save his money so he can fix up his house.
12. To get my husband to do more activities that I like and so we can do them together. (i.e. yoga)
13. To dedicate at least 1 day of month to going out with the girls.
14. To make many new friends that are worth my time.
15. To not waste my time on people that don't matter and try not to take things people say hurt me.
16. To not get pregnant.... yes this one needs to be repeated. lol
17. Get my mind focused more on school, and not the sucky teachers that try to ruin all of our lives.
18. To get out of school hopefully by 2013, with an amazing degree.
19. to clean out the apartment of old stuff that is useless.
20. and finally... I just wanna make this the happiest year for me. :D

I hope everyone starts 2011 off to a great start and hopefully everyone will reach their goals... if not there is always 2012 hehe!!!

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Rachie said...

Those are all great goals! I hope you reach them. I love that you mentioned not getting pregnant twice :)