Wednesday, October 12, 2011

150th Anniversary in Columbus

My dad's hobby and passion is Civil War reenacting. Every year he goes to many events and sometimes travels hours to get to them. I cant attend all the events he goes to, but I try to go to Columbus and Sacramento. This past weekend DJ and I went to Columbus and had a great time! My sister wasn't able to make it this year because she had a test she had to take Monday night. She missed a great show!!
My dad, me and DJ
Some of my dads group, I tried to zoom in on him so I didnt get everyone in the picture.DJ and I :)

DJ was joking with my dad before the battle and told him to really "put on a show" when he died. My dad just kinda laughed it off so we didnt think he was going to do it. WELLLL, let me tell you HE DID and it was AWESOME! He had this traumatic death with convulsions and shakes while he fell to the ground. It was sooo funny!! He "died" by running in the line of fire from the Yankee's. You could imagine him getting hit by 10-15 bullets the way he was jumping and falling to the ground. He lost his hat and his gun on the way down too!! You would have just had to have been there to see it because I cant even describe how funny it was!!This is my dad, Pattie (his new girlfriend), me and DJ


sherri shepherd said...

Wow, this is an amazing post. I like all the pictures and you and DJ look so cute together! :)

Anonymous said...

where is a picture of your lovely mother?? why didnt you post it?