Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cancer = Worst News Ever

Cancer is something no one wants to hear about or even talk about. But when it happens to you or someone close to you, its a subject that HAS to be talked about. One very special lady at my work goes for her mammogram appointments every year religiously. This year didn't return good news. (We reference to her breasts by calling them Sally and Sheila, FYI.) First, Sally's tests came back positive for cancer. She went and got many more tests and scans done to see if the cancer had moved to any other area of her body. Thank God the bone, pelvic, head, chest and abdomen came back negative. But, Shelia the other breast came back positive. In breast cancer "talk" the doctors told her that her cancer is categorized as T2.

Just from information I know from school, this cancer is very quickly dividing and has taken over both breasts which means its a very dangerous cancer. She told me this morning that she will have to go through both chemotherapy and radiation for an undefined amount of time. She will also lose both breasts. Commonly, the result of chemo and radiation is that she might possibly loose all her hair.

At only 52 years young, she has been diagnosed with breast cancer in both her breasts and will lose both of them. This is someone who goes for her exams every year with no problems in the past. She has been so strong through this entire process that just began a few short weeks ago. She is just thinking positive and believes God has her wrapped in his arms. Her youngest daughter was going away to college to be in a very prestigious nursing program but now is staying home. This is not something that is stopping her from obtaining her dreams, she just wants to be with her mom so she is attending a school locally. She may be out of work for days, week or months. Which of course will be a financial burden on the entire family, so I just hope for the best and pray that if she needs help I will be able to help her in any way that I can.

This makes me think of the bad relationship I have with my mom and her entire side of her family. I know that life is too short to hold grudges but you just don't ever think that this would happen to you or anyone you know. You always hear about things happening elsewhere and not around you. I consider her to be part of my family, I have worked with her for a while now and care so much about her well being.

She wants me to mention that women need to go for their mammograms yearly. It is very important to catch these things early on. Just think if she hadn't went this year what her results might be. ( Ok, don't think about that because it probably would have been to devastating, and we are thinking positive..right?) I have never gone for a mammogram but I am making my appointment soon. You are never too young to get these. Your health should be your #1 priority.

Also, if you have long hair consider donating it to an organization. Wigs are very expensive (like $200 and up) and if you get diagnosed with cancer they usually will give you one wig free of charge. But they can only keep providing wigs if they have people donating hair to make them. My sister Tamela, which you can read her daily blog posts at, has donated before and I hope her hair went to make one special lady a beautiful wig. Find more information at these hair donation websites: which has many addresses and rules listed for all over the country or, or

Prayers for Sally, Shelia and the family involved are requested and extremely appreciated.

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Tamela said...

Prayers for your co-worker. I am so glad she caught it early. Bless her and her family.