Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Back in Action!

WOW, I can't believe I am just now completely feeling better from having the flu last week. FLU= DEATH. This was the first time I had ever had the flu, and let me tell you it was miserable. Never again will I joke around about this little "bug". It took staying in bed for 6 days, being nauseous because of the medicines, and ended up costing me $100 bucks in prescriptions! Not a good last week at all!!

But on the higher note, last night I hosted my first spa party and it was SOO much fun! I had a living room full of people and everyone had a blast! I ended up going over my "limit" I planned on spending but it was a great deal for some amazing products! Some of the girls didn't end up leaving my house until 2 am! It didn't seem like it was that late until today I had to wake up to be at the eye doctor at 9 am and work the rest of the day.... lol but it was so worth it. I don't know when I had that much fun with my girls. Oh and to top it off, during the party at the point of when we were doing the microdermabrasion peels with massagers.... the schwans man knocks on my door! So I go to answer it with my eye patch's on, cream on my face, 10 girls in my living room looking the same and all he could do was laugh!! Oh lord. I was definitely telling him I would call him with my order HAHA. Great night :D

I was nervous today at the eye doctor because recently my vision has become blurred and just horrible and I went for my yearly exam only 6 months ago. But I knew it was getting bad so I made an appointment. I am very cautious about my eyes anyway because my sister has AWFUL vision and has to wear like the strongest prescription ever, and my dad has glaucoma. Both of those things freak me out so much!! Usually at my yearly eye exams I jump -.25 every year. So far in March 2010 I was a -2.25 and figured I would jump maybe to -2.50. BUT NOT ME....... I went today and turns out I am a -3.00 now. I jumped 3 steps!! (This is eye doctor and contact talk so if you don't understand I apologize). I just couldn't believe it, I knew I was bad but I didn't figure it was that bad!! Now maybe I will be able to see the TV in class. I was basically a hazard to all other drivers too... haha. Glad I didn't run into anyone!!!!

In the dental world, I do have some changes. I am at a new office for my externship and it is going AMAZING. Much better than the other office and I am truly having fun now :) Otherwise, we only have like 5 more class days until Christmas break and I cannot wait!! I will miss all my dental girls but I'm sure we will hang out over the break. Heck, I couldn't wait to get back to school after my week off with the flu just to see my girls :D Oh, how they complete me!!

I just want to make a little comment about my husband, DJ and my sister, Tamela. DJ has been so good to me lately, he has been my rock throughout my illness, and the externship issues I was having. I couldn't have made it through without him. Tamela is always there to talk to me when I just need a shoulder (imaginary of course because she lives 45 minutes away) to cry on. She has helped me get through a lot during the course of my crazy, hectic life. Thank you both for being amazing people in my life. I love you!!


Tamela said...

hahaha I would have died to see that schwans man's face!! Priceless.

So so so so so excited that you are finally having fun at your dental office!!!

Mighty M said...

Being sick can just suck the life out of you -glad you are back on track now. The spa party sounds super fun - and successful!! :)

Molly said...

ugh. Sorry about the flu, but now I want to have a spa party!!!